Speed Up Your Sales

Generate more leads and appointments using outbound and inbound marketing channels.

We Connect And Help Your Business Succeed


Identify the market specifics. By narrowing down your market criteria.


Sending personalized and events triggered emails to build strong follow ups.


Connect to prospect clients through outbound and inbound marketing channels.


Turn decision makers’ interest into confirmed appointments.

How Konnektors' Lead Generation Works


  • Dedicated Business Development Representative
  • Business contact list (Based on your target)
  • Touch base potential prospects
  • Send personalised emails
  • Follow-up warm prospects
  • Call opened emails from email blasting


  • Promote your brand to social groups
  • Boost your audience in social media
  • Follow up call & email to prospects inquiries
  • Create & post blog article to your social media page & website


  • Dedicated Persona
  • Connect to target prospects
  • Send personalised messages and inmails
  • Follow up calls for connected prospects


  • Dedicated email account for intro email blasting
  • Create and assign a list for the email blasting
  • Create and send personalised emails
  • Follow up calls for opened emails

Web & Landing Page

  • 24/7 chat support
  • Display banner ads
  • Follow up prospects through call & email
  • Follow up warm prospects through call & email
  • Identify prospects that visit your website/landing page

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