B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

Konnektors generate marketing-qualified leads through unified direct and indirect communications via voice, email, social, web, and content. These multi-channel approaches effectively combine online and offline touchpoints to ignite brand interest, reach potential clients and drive marketing qualified leads.

These MQL’s will then be contacted and scrubbed according to prospect interest and client criteria. Once determined as qualified, these leads will then be forwarded to clients as sales qualified leads.

We take pride in having a dedicated team of lead generation experts that helps fasten client sales routes. Whether it is marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) for lead nurturing or sales qualified leads (SQL’s) for easy close deals, our team has got you covered.

Our Tool (e-Konnek CRM)

Konnektors CRM system is authentically designed to help clients manage and nurture new and existing business leads.

Clients are given direct access to the CRM for real-time tracking and reporting.


Our software provides a complete suite of tools to manage the entire sales process, from initial lead qualification to opportunity management, forecasting, and eventually deal closure.


Monitor calls and activities in daily, weekly and monthly ranges.


e-Konnek does not need installation and is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. It is also integrated with email, calendar, and file-management apps that include Outlook, GMail, and Google Apps.

Our Lead Generation Service has Served these Industries


The insurance sector has been one of our clients since Konnektors started. Our calling team is already experienced in delivering quality leads for health and life insurance companies.

IT and software

Most of our IT and Software clients are established brands in North America and the Asia Pacific. They have decided to outsource their lead generation process to focus on closing deals.

Loan and Finance

We have been working with companies within this sector to boost their growth. We are directly involved in understanding the business and the client’s financial products. That makes us successful in generating high-quality financial leads. Most of our clients are companies based in Australia and the United States.

Commercial Service Business

This sector has been the most in-demand of our serviced categories. Konnektors has been effective in generating quality leads by being consistent with the clients’ parameters. We have built a trusting relationship with our clients from Asia, some parts of Europe, the USA, Australia, and Singapore.


Finding guests to attend your event could be a tedious job. If you are a company that plans an event, seminar, and/or exhibit, we find the right guests for you.

And More...

Konnektors continually expands and makes a mark in the real estate, hotel and tourism, logistics, and supply chain industries. Our team of experts and our years of experience and dedication will help you establish your brand and expand your reach to achieve your revenue goals.

Our Tool (e-Konnek CRM)

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