Demand Generation Services

Demand Generation is one of the most distinct marketing strategies that is more involved in the process of identifying potential customers through initial actions and shepherding them through every marketing funnel stage that leads to sales conversion. This is done through multiple triggering touchpoints that raise customer awareness.

Here at Konnektors, we drive potential customers through a combination of inbound and outbound B2B demand generation strategies to create an integrated program that delivers a sustainable, ongoing flow of sales leads for your sales team.

This is done through a series of inbound marketing activities (content marketing, SEO, social media) and outbound marketing (email, tele prospecting) that generate inquiries to fill the top of the demand funnel and gradually drive them as a sales opportunity.

Our Sales Approach

  • Our approach guarantees our clients that strategies tailored are for the accomplishment of goals for the campaign.
    We always start with an end in mind. By identifying the goals for the campaign, we formulate our strategies accordingly to hit that target.
  • We produce inquiries from the right target market.
    Knowing who to target and understanding the audience makes the marketing more precise and generates sure-fire leads.
  • Generating the right content specifically for each stage of the marketing funnel.
    Having the right content builds brand awareness, highlights a need and drives desire.
  • Delivering the content to potential customers through a variety of channels.
    Having multiple distribution channels and understanding the best way to reach the target audience is important to drive direct response and convert inquiries into qualified leads.

Our multi-channel approach encourages the pervasive spread of your message that match your specific criteria

Tele Prospecting

Gather information, Ask question according to client’s marketing qualifications and prospect’s email where the link of the landing page can be sent, forms to be filled out and download materials.


Will do an email blasting about the products / services with the link of the landing page.

Social Media

Connect with the target prospect thru LinkedIn and Facebook.


Maximize the traffic, Improve page rank within search engines, Place strategic search phrases on pages, Submit page to search engines.

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