B2B Contact List

Search and connect targeted prospects, increase lead list and speed up sales.

Date is the New Oil

Having a database for your organization is essential. It is a tool to optimize sales and profitability.
Having more data means putting your company in a good position. With a good database, you can:

Generate new leads

Reconnect with previous clients

Generate sales through tracking existing clients

Upgrade, renew or recommend new products

With a reliable database, you can design newsletters and promotional emails for everyone. This way, your clients are updated with current service/product promotions.

Here at Konnektors, we help companies build comprehensive databases through our data profiling solutions, which enable you to obtain a richer, more detailed, and more accurate view of your target decision-makers.

Match Your Target Profile

We use your business information to analyze your existing customers. With this information, we can analyze customer traits and behaviors from our verified contact database and researchers.

Verified Target Prospect

The database provided to you is not just raw data, undergoes a verifying process to ensure that all information is correct and up to date. This way, there is a higher conversion rate in acquiring high-quality lead opportunities.

Reach New Target Segment

Whether you are looking for new opportunities or expanding your existing target, we will build a contact list based on your parameters.

Our Process

Our team of profilers is all experienced in gathering business information. They have been very keen on identifying and analyzing our clients’ needs and parameters so that the database generated is accurate, up to date, and of value.

  • Identify the specifics
  • Gather information of possible prospects
  • Analyze the validity of information gathered through multiple sources.
  • Contact and verify each prospect’s data through phone, email, and social channels.

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