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SGCodeworks offers HydrantSoft, powerful software as a service-based solution. HydrantSoft is a fire hydrant inspection system that efficiently maps and maintains every fire hydrant and water system network in the area.

Their system is currently in use by water and fire departments for managing inspections and service schedules, mapping the locations, and water flows information for fire hydrant systems. Their system also offers real-time data services for emergency responding fire departments equipped with cellular-enabled iPad, laptops, or other mobile devices that have access to critical system information.


The Client, as a software provider, wants to establish their company in the United States as a leading provider of inspection solutions for both public and private companies. To attain this, the Client sought the help of Konnektors to improve the client’s list and provide quality leads as potential customers.


The Client already made a strong relationship with public organizations and invested time developing exceptional inspection software. However, their marketing efforts were heavily focused on internal development for existing clients.

With their pools of existing referrals and email lists being well-utilized, they were in need to improve their lead generation to draw in new relevant prospects and ramp up leads to their sales pipelines.


The pandemic had affected all various industries and forced a lot of companies to limit their operations. However, Konnektors believe that public organizations, more than ever, are more active around this time of crisis and much in need of software that can make their work efficient and faster.

Konnektors’ marketing team was executing high-value tasks with outbound calling & lead nurturing which was keeping them busy regularly.

Our callers focused on calling highly qualified leads vetted for relevance. This is with the help of our reliable database. Our marketers can easily go through the process without wasting time and effort.


With Konnektors dedicated team, we successfully hit target goals for the Client. The Client has been able to effectively capture, segment, and prioritize their prospect leads. In total, we’ve reached more than 200 decision-makers and made about 30 appointments in 3 months of the campaign.

Konnektors and SGCodeworks are now in talks of renewing the contract.

About the Client

SGcodeworks is a SaaS based solutions company based in the US and serves different states and regions. SGCodeWorks creates advanced SaaS products and custom SaaS solutions for clients. One of their first products is 2insp. It provides GIS mapping and management to different industries.


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