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eBooth is a software company that offers an event management solution that utilizes technology to organize, manage, and engage event attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors.

It is an all-in-one solution cloud based platform for attendee engagement, lead retrieval, and digital advertising that best benefit event professionals to add branding and engagement features for their next event. 

These unique features include Toast Integration, Digital Pamphlet, Prompt Scheduling, and Advanced Gamification that provides engaging event experiences for the attendees.


The Client wants to pivot their lead generation strategy during the pandemic and launch a campaign to bring in new leads. The Client also wants Konnektors to do a coordinated cold call service in line with their current COVID related marketing strategy.


Businesses all over the world have really hit the hardest due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the Client has seen this as a business opportunity to ensure that their sales pipeline remains fueled. They have utilized their platform into a COVID Safety and Tracking Tool as precautionary measure to track and avoid COVID for the safety of the staff and the people they serve. 

The client wants Konnektors to provide sales qualified appointments for an online demonstration.


As businesses shift to work-from-home and people are now using virtual events and apps, Konnektors found this opportunity to strengthen their lead generation and appointment setting campaign.


Konnektors allowed the Client to do significant test runs of the process. Konnektors marketing specialists were then formed to make dedicated liaison to eBooth and SharpSpring. The team includes a dedicated project manager, social media and email marketing specialist and dedicated calling agent.


This campaign included multiple rounds of call and automated responses between Konnektors and SharpSpring CRM that involves;

  1. An initial call from a Konnektors derived list
  2. Results of the calls were flagged then properly rated
  3. Rated responses are transmitted via Sharpspring
  4. Follow up emails are sent based on scoring
  5. Those tracked open emails are compiled into a list and sent back to Konnektors


This process was repeated for 3 rounds. These include invites and encouragement that drive prospects to attend the weekly demonstration.


“We had no issues working with Konnektors and mid-process changes ( reacting to the process results ) were handled by Konnektor without issue or complaint”

– Jeffrey Swann, Ebooth Services LLC


With proper research, adaptability, dedication, and hardwork, Konnektors was able to achieve the client’s goals. Konnektors was able to make 14 appointments during the duration of the campaign and increased contact networks.

This proves that even amidst the pandemic, Konnektors was able to help the client sustain a steady sales pipeline. This surpassed the client’s expectation and proved that Konnektors is one of the best lead generation companies that can adapt to changing times. With that, eBooth is one of Konnektors repeating clients. 

Further campaigns with Konnektors have now been planned as eBooth looks to strengthen and expand its business amidst the pandemic. 

About the Client

Ebooth was an indisputable company based in United States that provides software development of event management tools that targets various kinds of businesses including Caterers, Restaurant, Marketing Companies, Event Organizers, and Event Convention Centers. They have expanded in 11 vertical markets which demonstrates not only their product solution’s flexibility but also their ability to serve a variety of customer needs.


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