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Par3 offers a unified application development platform for web, mobile and cloud platform like CRM and ERP software packages, and a “drag-n-drop” design BPM technology. Since 2009, the Client wanted to ensure that Key stakeholders can design and implement business processes and workflows using BPM to measurably increase business efficiency and employee productivity which in return increase their productivity, generate more revenue and reduce cost.


They need to deepen their presence within existing accounts in Asia-Pacific so that they could reach out to new people with BPM products and solutions. A by-product is that in general the mass market is not aware of the entire product portfolio available.


The Client needs a sales team that involve inside representatives that focus on identifying and connecting with new contacts within target businesses. 

  • Launch a multi-touch campaign that helped accelerate partner acquisition efforts.
  • Increase the number of potential merchant partners from Asia-Pacific, especially in Singapore, retailers in the Client’s pipeline
  • Expand both branding and revenue with high decision maker reach rates


Konnektors understood the objectives of the campaign and client’s capabilities in the Salesforce practice. Our team worked to develop a clear and concise value proposition to convey the value of the client’s services to the prospects. Then our group of telemarketers started to increase the Client’s prospects database with new and updated business contacts through a rigorous outbound cold calling. After identifying the qualified leads, emails were sent to ensure that the leads will get the summary of the products offered by the Client.

About the Client

Par3 is a provider of scalable and structured Business Process Management (BPM) solutions in Singapore. Par3  serve as a partner to a long list of companies that offer a unified application development platform for web, mobile and cloud platform. 




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