Once upon a time, telemarketing was one of the most prominent strategies in Lead Generation. Fast forward to today, more than two-thirds of business buyers now go online to search for cost-effective solutions and time-efficient at the lowest price possible. Thus, the initial awareness that used to come in contact with a telemarketer has almost entirely disappeared. But has it?

Marketing is an ever-evolving discipline in today’s economic setup. What might be a brilliant idea for yesterday may not be a good idea today. So how to deal with that? Businesses change their ideas and they evolve their strategies. 

Organizations had made necessary adjustments to improve efficiency in getting sales leads. But even if a lot of marketing and sales teams can’t keep up with that, that does not mean to just give up on what has been tried and tested. This puts the discussion squarely on telemarketing. Since the market dynamics have shifted and today we have the internet ruling in every kind of business, there are still sectors that use this kind of inbound marketing.


Telemarketing is still here but…

Telemarketing and lead generation is one of the prominent marketing combos, there’s no doubt about that. Even today there are still a lot of brands that will choose to telemarket since there are advantages as well. For one, you can instantly connect with your clients and determine their needs. It is also an instant way of creating brand awareness by sharing about your company’s services. You can educate your audience about your brand and get the reaction and get feedback faster.

But no matter the advantages, telemarketing comes with its own set of drawbacks. Over the past years, telemarketing has gained a negative connotation wherein it generally associates telemarketing with irritating and persistent calls. Therefore, a great number of people don’t respond to it. Cost is another factor that at times can be a big disadvantage especially when you compare it with other strategies now like social media marketing or content marketing. Therefore, telemarketing has somehow slowly faded in the background.

Telemarketing Evolved!

One thing is for sure, telemarketers are still needed in the overall sales process. But where should they enter the picture? So here’s how it goes.

Traditionally, appointment setters call prospects or possible leads to set up a meeting but with digital marketing evolution through social media and email marketing, telemarketers get a little pushed back at a later stage. Hence, it doesn’t by any means reduce the importance of telemarketers. After all, with the popularity of online video calls and chat, a phone call might be the closest marketer can get to their B2B leads prospects. Besides, negotiations are easier done when on the phone than through a computer, right?

That’s why telemarketing is not dead. It only evolved.



In today’s time when the internet is booming, there are various options that one can try. From content marketing to social platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, the internet has opened up greater opportunities for lead generation. 

Companies like Konnektors have used revolutionary methods as an opportunity to integrate new and old strategies. We believe that the key to success is not just one. That’s why Konnektors offers integrated services to achieve overall success for your company. We use social media marketing, SEO, website optimization and development, email marketing, and a horde of other options that will boost your lead-generating sales. Long gone are the days of wasting our energy annoying people who are not interested in what we have to offer. 


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