Lead generation continues to grow as one of the most important aspects of Digital Marketing.

Almost 59 percent of millennials visit sites like Amazon or Ebay whenever they need access to e-commerce.

Thus, B2b strategies are also important to drive traffic to your website. Below are tried and tested lead generation strategies that are proven effective when it comes to digital marketing.


Track Site Visitors

Having tons of unique site visitors does not really mean much if you cannot track what those visitors are doing after they leave your site.

On average, it takes anywhere between four and 12 points of contact before a site visitor will convert into a customer.

Creating these points of contact is much easier if you know exactly where your prospect will be in the future. Having this information readily available is central to remarketing efforts, regardless of your industry. That’s why it’s important to know who is visiting your site and how you can capture their attention.


Shorten the Customer Journey

Although the points of contact in many B2B customer journey is quite high, savvy companies are learning how to shorten this journey to increase sales and conversion rates. But how does this become a lead generation strategy?

When people see a streamlined, precise process, they are much more likely to convert from a cold call to a hot lead. This is how you get your initial information grabs to work and get people talking about you. A huge part of lead generation is letting the market do the work for you in creating a pipeline. Shortening the customer journey any way you can without losing information is a great way to get this done.


Ask Questions

Facebook has proven that surveys and quizzes work to engage potential clients and get them familiar with brands. No less than Neil Patel has stated that surveys are one of his greatest strategies, and that he doesn’t talk about it much because he doesn’t want people to copy him.


Invest in UX/UI

People are becoming less patient with push marketing. The modern B2B buyer wants to search for what he wants and find it organically. A growing number of buyers are saying that they want less human interaction during the sales process. How do you accomplish this? You invest in your user experience and your user interfaces. This automates your lead generation process, because your website works for you while you sleep. You also get a happier customer, because you don’t have to push your products on them through traditional strategies.



The strategies above will work in any marketplace regardless of time or industry. Lead generation may change its stripes in terms of the tools that are used to bring customers in. However, the concepts that these tools represent will probably not change anytime in the near future. Take the tips above as best practices and find a lead generation strategy that will work for your business. However, do not mistake a cutting edge marktech stack for an effective strategy.



About the author

Katherine Mae Apique is a content writer and a social media manager who specializes in social media content and ghost blogging. She creates quality content with clear marketing message and strategy to engage customers online. She have ghostwritten several blogs and articles for some papers in the United States.

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