Establishing a digital marketing strategy is very critical. Almost every consumers and businesses alike are almost always online. To stand-out in the competitive digital landscape of 2019, one must have a digital marketing strategy that will take advantage of the growing opportunities in the digital world.

Your business wouldn’t have a map for achieving its goals without these Internet marketing strategies. You know what you want to accomplish, yet you don’t know how which leads to the launch of a digital marketing campaign that fails to drive any results.

Yet as a growing business, how are you supposed to create and maintain an effective digital marketing strategy that will connect and engage your customers online? What strategies are best for your company, and still relevant to consumers today?

Don’t worry, because we’ve gathered a list of digital marketing strategies that you can adapt to help your business succeed.

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1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the process of improving your website so that it would rank higher in search engine results and pages. It uses keywords and phrases related to your business, which increases the amount of traffic to your website. With more keywords you rank, more people will see and become familiar with your website and business. Most of the channels that benefit from SEO are websites, blogs, and infographics.

80% of consumers do their product research online and after searching for something, more than half of users discover a new company or product

No matter where they are in your buying funnel, SEO helps to intercept every member of your target audience. Almost every user begins their search for a new product or service with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Only 10% of searchers advance to the second page of search results so even if you have the right information, and since you can’t rank on the first page of results, you’re hidden from the audience’s view.

That is why it is essential to have an effective SEO strategy and experts to manage SEO for you. With our performance-driven SEO services as a part of your digital marketing strategy, you can attract more potential clients and earn more revenues.

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2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, simply said, is promoting your brand and your content on social media channels to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase lead conversions for your business. Depending on your target audience and their platform preferences, a social media marketing campaign can feature one or several social media platforms.

Most widely used platforms today include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Aside from marketing your company on social media, this strategy also often focuses on advertising.

More than 25% of a user’s Internet time is spent on social media and more than 65% of consumers use social media for customer services.

Which means that it’s the perfect channel for engaging customers and with less than 30% of companies using social media marketing, there is a huge opportunity to invest with it. Having an active social media presence is very essential because social media serves as an outlet for digital word-of-mouth recommendations.

If you’re inactive on social media, you exclude your business from these conversations which lead to consumers overlooking your company. That can serve a low trust signal to users.


3. PPC (Pay-per-Click)

PPC or pay-per-click advertising is one of the easiest, cost-effective digital marketing strategy of today. It is a strategy of driving traffic to your website –every time your ad is clicked, you pay the advertiser or publisher.

One of the most common types of PPC is Google Ads, which allows you to pay for top slots on Google’s search engine results pages at a price “per click” of the links you placed. These ads then appear at the top of search results, above organic listings. If a user decides to click on your advertisement, you then pay for that click. So you don’t pay for ad space, only for the results.

PPC works when you bid on keywords that you want your ads to show up for. When your ad triggers then a user’s search includes your keyword. PPC can include advertising on search engines, as well as social media and other platforms like paid ads on Facebook, Twitter ads campaigns, and sponsored messages on LinkedIn.


4. Content Marketing

Content marketing, focuses on reaching, engaging, and connecting with consumers via content assets for the purpose of generating brand awareness, traffic growth, lead generation, and customers. This includes videos, blog posts, infographics, and more, that provides values to users. It also focuses on optimizing your content for search engines to improve your visibility in search results.

Content Marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional marketing

It is a smart digital marketing strategy to use that delivers an impressive ROI for your business. Content marketing does this by targeting every stage of your buying funnel. Whether your content is promotional or informational, users have a lot of power to read or ignore your company’s message. You need to make your content valuable, relevant, and consistent to make it worth the time for those who are consuming it.


5. Email Marketing

Email is often used to promote content, build brand awareness, discounts, and events, as well as keeping your company top-of-mind by directing people toward the business’s website. It is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies available.

The types of emails you might send in an email marketing campaign include:

  • Customer welcome emails
  • Blog subscription newsletters
  • Tips or similar series emails for customer nurturing
  • Holiday promotions to loyalty program members
  • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something

Like content marketing, email marketing also focuses on providing users with valuable information to refine and develop your campaigns.

Email Marketing creates 50% more sales than other lead generation methods that Features an average ROI of $44 for every $1 invested.

It is a go-to digital marketing strategy for businesses that want more leads while increasing revenue, brand awareness, or client retention rates.

6. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the present and future of digital marketing. It refers to an application or software that automates basic marketing operations like curating and scheduling posts through all your social media. It basically makes digital marketing simpler and easier.

91% of most successful businesses now says that marketing automation was a big part to their success

To become successful with this, look for CRM platforms that can automate repetitive tasks at the same time, such as:

Email newsletters: Email Automation helps you shrink and expand your contact list as needed so your emails are automatically sent and your newsletters are only going directly to the inboxes of those people who want to see them. So it is very important that the CRM platform you are using is also integrated directly to your contact list.
Social media post scheduling: You need to post more often to increase your company’s presence on social media. Which makes manual posting a bit of a job. But with social media scheduling tools, it pushes your content to your social media channels so you can spend more time on other content strategies.
Lead-nurturing workflows: With lead-nurturing workflows, you can generate and convert leads by automating the process for sending leads specific emails and content once they fit a certain criterion.
Campaign tracking and reporting: There’s a ton of different people, emails, content, webpages, phone calls etc. that is included in a marketing campaign. With marketing automation, you can sort everything you work on by the campaign it’s serving. You can also track the performance of that campaign based on the progress all of these components make over time.

The most important rule in marketing automation is to keep your content consistent across all channels. This helps to avoid brand confusion to your audiences.



Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers on different platforms and achieve your goals. With these strategies that we offer, it is up to you to create the perfect recipe to increase sales, revenue, awareness, and loyalty.

In addition, it offers strategies where it reaches your unique goals of expanding brand awareness from your landing page to email to social media.

However, the success of your digital marketing strategies will depend on the development and performance of them. That is why it is important to have a partner, like Konnektors. We have a full-service digital marketing campaign for you that drives results and revenues.

Choose and build your customized digital strategy today. You can contact our expert team of strategists. Contact us online and visit our website to get a free demo for you next digital marketing campaign.

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Katherine Mae Apique is a content writer and a social media manager who specializes in social media content and ghost blogging. She creates quality content with clear marketing message and strategy to engage customers online. She have ghostwritten several blogs and articles for some papers in the United States.

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