High-Speed Sales Solutions for any Business Needs

Any business needs a high-speed sales solution. This is, of course, to gather more leads that will improve the company’s sales and revenue. However with multiple tools used, the accuracy of gathering data decreases. As sales operations cannot gather several data across multiple tools, it becomes tiring to get meaningful and actionable insights.

That’s why Konnektors build an efficient and powerful tool and strategy that would help any business to rank up their dales and minimize effort. 

Konnektors is powered through marketing technology, Ekon, an intuitive marketing CRM that blends data with the accurate organization of sales and marketing tools. Ekon has always been used by Konnektors’ team of marketing experts and clients to help increase and grow organizations significantly.


What We Do

We connect and help your business succeed

High-velocity sales is a multi-touch process, with multiple channels – online, offline, self-service, partners, call-centers, field sales, operations, and all other teams that are involved in making one sale. Konnektors ensures high sales efficiency across all these channels, teams, and individuals by removing all guesswork from the sales professional’s life.

Konnektors B2B solutions help you get the opportunities you need. We help grow your customer databases, establish a brand, provide relevant and up-to-date market research, and refine and improve existing data lists via pre-qualification of our full-service offerings.

Konnektors’ platform spans over four main areas which are digital sales, call center sales, customer journey builder, and field force automation. Konnektors has deep industry knowledge and we are really good at delivering ready-to-use solutions across industries and purpose-built for our client’s specific needs.


Lead Generation

We help grow your customer databases, provide relevant and up-to-date market research, and refine and improve existing data lists via pre-qualification of our full-service offerings.


Demand Generation

We combine inbound and outbound B2B demand generation to create an integrated program that delivers a sustainable, ongoing flow of sales leads for your teams so they can focus on closing.


Data Profiling

We make more informed decisions through on-demand actionable sales and marketing intelligence which enables you to obtain a richer and more detailed view of your target decision-makers.


Email Marketing

We will guide you through the entire email marketing process and run the campaign on your behalf, preparing a design that we’re sure will get you the attention that you want.


Content Writing

We can give you high-conversion content that will improve your search engine rankings and provide excellent content with language that conveys your authority while entertaining your prospects.


Web Development

We use a comprehensive user experience, search engine optimization, ease of use, and technical details to help your company rise on top of the competitive market.

Konnektors extends our services in different industries and has continually expanded and made a mark in the Real estate, Hotel and Tourism, Logistics, and Supply Chain industries. Our team of experts and our years of experience and dedication will help you establish your brand and expand your reach to achieve your revenue goals.

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