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The coronavirus pandemic has affected a lot of various industries all across the globe. It has heavily impacted society and the overall economy. As different countries announced the total lockdown and the temporary shutdown of businesses, the overall production process was being adversely affected; thus, hindering the overall Event Management Industry globally.

Yet after four months, many countries now announced the easing of lockdown measures wherein some countries are beginning the return of small gatherings and events. Now, the task of the industry is to determine how to safely increase that number in order to give more types of events the chance to exist.

Events industry businesses that wish to survive this ordeal during this pandemic may have to get creative with technology. There are numerous technological solutions out there that could assist businesses in the events industry through these times. That’s why ebooth has created a configuration to help out these industries in the reopening.  Let’s have a look at ebooth’s newest offering.


ebooth Mobile App

ebooth is an application provider that helps fulfill stricter compliance requirements to ensure the safety of staff and the people they serve amid the current crisis we are in.

The enemy of events (and the hospitality industry in general) right now is the fear of being in public gatherings.

That’s why fast and accessible testing is essential to the containment of the virus. Access to such technology could transform the perception of risk for live events especially to medical professionals supporting events on-site.

ebooth is now assisting companies and businesses in providing a pandemic checklist so that they can stay in the game while being providing a safe environment for their employees and customers. ebooth-pandemic  is a tool that can operate on staff’s smartphones to allow them to perform real-time health checks. The information collected can also be used in the event of outbreak tracing.

Here’s how it works:
  • ebooth is downloaded (IOS or Android) and registered.
  • Upon registering with ebooth, the COVID-19 suggested pre-work and post-work checklist is presented
  • the checklist is completed depending on mode (Sentry or Distributed)
  • eboothmakes real-time updates by recording the date, time and GEOcode (GPS location) of the employee along with the information provided.
  • A compliance and non-compliance spreadsheet is delivered via email on a scheduled basis. These emails will be sent to the employee in your organization responsible for health and safety. Each employee and their responses are shown in detail. Real-time email notification is also available

As it is known that Covid-19 is easily traceable and everybody can be tested immediately as they arrive. This will make employees and customers alike will feel safer to attend events and enter your place of business.

Of course, physical distancing and other measures still need to be part of the equation, but reducing the fear and concern through technology and science is the way forward. ebooth’s pandemic checklist comes with a suggested list of questions but this can be modified. In addition, the tracking of the daily list can serve as a trace tracking if ever should an outbreak occur as it does provide historical tracking.

Typical checklist might be:
  • Do you have a mask?
  • Did you take your temperature?
  • What was your temperature?
  • Do you feel well?
  • Is your throat sore?

ebooth can also dynamically request information from the employees about recent contacts and interactions.

In Conclusion

The next few months present a challenge a lot of industries need to deal with.

The good news is that we already have, in most cases, the tools to keep business going until this pandemic, like all the others in the past, disappears.

ebooth’s advanced, informed, clever, and creative professionals have leveraged current technology to make the return to normal faster, safer, and smarter. ebooth will allow you to keep an eye on the information that matters when it comes that will directly reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

Contact them: [email protected] | 978-660-4197 | www.eboothservices.com 

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