How to Create a COVID-era Event Marketing Plan

An event gathering can be a real failure without the right plan. Some people might be hesitant to attend an event because of Coronavirus. That’s why you’ll need to create a plan that assures the attendees that they are safe.

It is essential to create an Event Marketing Plan that is safe for the attendees to attend in a cost-efficient way possible. Consider several factors for the event, such as the venue, and apply safety measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. 

Here is a guide to creating an event marketing plan amidst COVID-19.


Determine the environment of your event 

The first thing you should consider is the environment of your event.

Do you plan to go virtual such as conducting webinars through Zoom? Or to hold a live gathering instead?

Bizzabo reported that “60% of event professionals pivoted an event to virtual due to the impact of COVID-19.”


Know your target audience 

Identifying your target audience is essential for the event

A study by IAEE found out that “91% of the respondents attend event gatherings because of education.”

Therefore, you need to ensure that the attendees will learn something in the event. Plan the content well from the topics to the speakers. Think about what the attendees would want to gain after the event.


Take advantage of social media networks

Social media is a great way to promote your event effectively. However, try to determine what social media your target audience uses.

Is your audience on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram?

Then, raise the anticipation by posting various contents about the event. Highlight the benefits and introduce the guest speakers and influencers that would participate in the event.

You can also do some advertisements to reach out to a broader audience.


If you’re planning for a live gathering, plan for safety measures

A survey by Enigma Research in April 2020 shows that event attendees would most likely attend if there are safety precautions for the event.

Implement safety measures in your event to prevent the risk of spreading the Coronavirus.

A safety measure plan should consist of:
  • Wearing protective masks.
  • Implement social distancing.
  • Alcohol and sanitizer stations around the venue.
  • Thermal Testing.
  • Contactless payment method.
  • Medical stations in case of an emergency.

Additionally, it is best to inform the attendees in advance so that they could prepare for the event.

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